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Hluhluwe Imflolozi Game Reserve Safari

We Had a great Hluhluwe Imfolozi Day Safari Tour Yesterday. .

With and Early start for our Durban Safari we arrived at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve while it was still cool.

A short way I we came across an Elephant Bull in musth. They can Become unpredictable and aggressive in this state so we kept our distance.

A short way further was another elephant Bull. they do sometimes travel in loose herds . This chap was happily devouring  a sickle bush.

The Acacias are all carrying seed pods this time of year and the elephants are loving them. I spotted a movement in the bush further down the road and slowly drove towards it. What a surprise a Black Rhino hidden by thick bush. He was moving around a bit so we got the occasional glimpse.

Our drive was to the Black Umfolozi River and when we arrived it was very quiet with just a few lapwings on the banks.

While I was turning i spotted an Elephant Herd far away but heading to the River. So we waited..

Well worth the wait. The whole Elephant herd arrived with babies and a Big male following them. 17 elephants in all. they moved into the river and splashed and played. What an awesome sighting.

We stared to head off to the north. on route there were a few White rhinos at short distances from the road we also saw so many Zebras and giraffes.

A huge high lite before lunch was 10 Wild Dogs.

We were following a large Elephant bull who insisted walking down the road. They do this from time to time.

He stopped and shook his head at a bush and 10 dogs jumped up and dashed for safety. it was rather funny. The elephant bull turned back to the road an continued  walking.

Wild dogs are inquisitive little creatures and came out of the bushes to watch the Bog Bull.

Then they chose a grassy spot next to the road and lay down to sleep.



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